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We are honored to announce that the new President and CEO of American brands TOMCAT and Area Four Industries America
will be the vastly experienced Will Todd. James Thomas Engineering products have been manufactured by TOMCAT since joining the Area Four Industries group of companies in 2014.

Will has been with the company for more than 20 years, working through various departments before reaching the very highest position.

Below is a short interview with Will detailing his past experiences and looking at his future plans, goals, and ambitions.

This experience has given Will vital perspective to oversee the development of both the TOMCAT and Area Four Industries Direct brands.

How long have you been working at Tomcat?
I started in May of 2000. So nearly 22 years now.
What kind of jobs have you worked on at Tomcat?
I began in Sales covering the central region of the US, then moved to Project Manager, followed by Product Support Supervisor, then Design Manager, then COO and now President/CEO.
What do you like best about Tomcat?
The best part about Tomcat is the relationships we forge in the industry and within our own building. We strive to create relationships that are more than partnerships with our customers. If our customers are successful, then we are in turn. Within our building, we all work together towards our goals. The goals for the company are shared within the building, everyone provides ideas and input to help us all reach those goals.  
Where do you see the biggest advantage of Area Four Industries America?
The wide variety of products under the Area Four umbrella really puts Area Four in a great position to give customers the most options when it comes to covering their needs.
As the new CEO of Tomcat and Area Four Industries America, what are your main goals?
Continued growth of the brands is the main goal. Maintaining Tomcat’s position as the ‘go-to’ for both standard products and custom produced products as we continue to innovate based on our customer’s needs. For Area Four Industries America, we are going to focus the year on making sure our customers know the wide range of products that are offered here in the USA. Between Tomcat and Area Four Industries America, we really can cover a wide range of our customer’s needs. 
Where would you like to see Tomcat in 5 years?
In 5 years, Tomcat will continue to be the market leader for the North American market. We will have re-established our presence in Central and South America and grown our product portfolio to maintain our position as the market leader.
And what are the main goals for Area Four Industries for upcoming years?
For Area Four Industries we will focus on brand recognition so our customers know what is available through Area Four Industries. There is so much poor quality imported product being sold in the market that customers are buying - and they may not know there are better options out there.
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