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TOMCAT Launches the EXE ACE Electric Chain Hoist

TOMCAT Launches the EXE ACE Electric Chain Hoist
TOMCAT USA and Area Four Industries America are excited to announce the North American launch of  the EXE ACE electric chain hoist.
Manufactured in Italy by Area Four Industries, the hoist is exclusively  designed for the entertainment technology industry with is sister product, the EXE RISE, already the  European market leader. 
The ACE is initially being stocked, prepared, and tested at the companies’ Knoxville, TN US  headquarters, with the Thousand Oaks, CA west coast warehouse currently being prepared to provide  the same service to customers later in 2024.  Designed for the rigors and requirements of the North  American touring market, both 1/2T and 1T units are already in stock in large quantities for immediate  shipment. 
Boasting complete compatibility with all existing low voltage hoist control systems, the hoists’ major  selling feature is their extremely small size and low self-weight, with the 1/2T unit half the weight and  half the size of competitor’s equivalent product.  The 1/2T unit fitted with 60ft height of lift, chain bag  and connectors weighs less than 95 Lbs. 
More information on the products can be found at www.exetechnology.com/exe-ace/ and via TOMCAT USA and Area Four Industries America (www.tomcatglobal.com and www.a4direct.us). 

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