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Performance Load-Bearing Roof System

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Technical information

James Thomas Engineering Performace Load-Bearing Roof System 
(PLBR). Any size roof is available based on customer needs. Thomas PLBR 
peaks consist of Super Pre-rigged truss and 20.5“ folding triangle

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Basic info

Performance Pre-Rigged SuperTruss:
Same outer dimensions as JTE‘s standard Pre-Rigged SuperTruss (30“ x 26“) but 
contains 1.5“ schedule 80 main chords and 1“ schedule 80 diagonals. Forked 
connections allow for increased loading over standard bolted end connections.  
Note that this truss is available in Pre-Rigged and non Pre-Rigged styles.
20.5“ Folding SuperTruss:
Main chords are of 2“ x .157“. Diagonals are of 1“ x .125“. Connections are forked.
20.5“ SuperTower
20.5“ x 20.5“ outer dimensions with all face diagonals and ladder on one face. Main 
chords are constructed of 2“ x .157“ and diagonals are of 1“ x .125“. Connections are 
forked. Max tower height of 60‘.
6061T6 Aluminum:
This pertains to all truss and towers; however, there are a few components that are 
manufactured from steel.
James Thomas Engineering truss is welded by certified welders in
accordance with American National Standard ANSI/AwS D1.2-97.
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