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In line with our other SuperMega products, James Thomas Engineering has produced a 30” x 30” tower. This diverse product can be used either as a tower or as truss. It is built for applications requiring heavy loading and/or height capabilities. Made from 6061T6 alloy, the truss has 3” OD x 1/4” main chords and 2” x 0.157” diagonal tubes.

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Technical information

When the desired working load is 13,000 pounds, this single tower can be a maximum height of 56’ with the 
appropriate anchorage base plate. As a goal post, the maximum height can be 73’, or even 110' when used as a corner in a 4 post grid (both with the apporpriate anchorage base plate). When the desired working load is 26,000 pounds, this single tower can be a maximum of 40’ with the appropriate anchorage base plate. As a goal post, 54’ can be the maximum height, or even 81' when used as a corner in a 4 post grid (both with the appropriate anchorage base plate).

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